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This website is a platform for its artists to showcase there talent and find buyers for them. 

*If you are an artist or you know someone who can make Mithila Paintings, send us photos of your paintings with your profile on . We will help you selling out your paintings across the world through this website by putting your work on display with your profile. To know more about how we can help you, please see : How to sell my mithila paintings?

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How To Sell Your Paintings If you are a Mithila painting artist, send us photos of your paintings with your profile on We will help you to sell out your paintings across the world through our  website by putting your work on display with your profile.

Note: Before Sending your profile and photos of paintings to us, please read the below instructions carefully:

1. Take clear photos of your paintings from front side with a digital camera and mail them to, if files are large, zip them and send in different sets.
2. Along with the product photos, please provide the following details in the mail: 

- Product Name

Product Type (Wall hangings/ Bed Spreads, Sarees, Dupatta, Stole, gift etc..)

Material Type ( Handmade Paper, Tassar SIlk etc..)

- Color Type Used (Natural,Fabric, Acrylic etc.)

The Size,

- Price

- Approximate weight

- Time required for delivery

3. Do you make paintings on walls (Murals)? If Yes, what is rate/square feet and other terms & conditions?
4. Do you give training on Madhubani Art? If Yes, what are the fee and syllabus and timing? 
5. Your Name, Phone Number and Address
6. Send Artist's profile that contains your achievements and proficiency in Mithila Paintings, with a photograph of the artist and certificates if any.
1. We will create a page for you on our website with your photo and profile and create a painting album having the photos of your paintings. 
2. If someone will be interested in buying them, we will contact you.
3. You need to send the paintings through courier.
4. You need to provide your bank account details (at the time of processing the order), once the part/whole payment is made by the customer, money will be deposited in your account and you will get a confirmation mail from us.

For reference, as how to prepare your profile and photos of your paintings, you can have a look at existing artiste profiles and their collections :


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Mithila Painting Video

Watch more videos on Mithila Paintings...

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3 Years of Hi Friends,

With mixed emotions and some proud feelings, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that your website has completed 3 years and I believe it has given artists of Mithila paintings a platform where people from all over the world can see their work and appreciate them and also they can buy if they like some paintings.


For the past 3 years, I have been continuously working towards achieving the goal of bringing Mithila paintings on global map and I am doing this all alone. I am committed to help Mithila paintings artists and for this I need great support from you. Let’s work together and make a mark !


If you are an artist, I would request you to please provide the following details to make the process simple:


1.  Your direct contact details, your city.

2.  What are the paintings and articles you can prepare?

3.  What are the materials you use?

4.  Approximate rates, it would be great if you could prepare a price catalogue and send me. (the cheapest price that you can afford, it will be difficult for me to help you selling paintings if rates are higher than market rates).

5.  If required how soon you can make paintings(e.g 100, 200 paintings) and deliver to us?

6.  If required can you take orders for paintings on walls, what are the terms & conditions you have for this?

7.  Send few good photos(clearly visible) of sample paintings with your profile details, so that I can create a free album for you on the website. is your own website and you will feel proud to say that it is the #1 website in this category, but the running cost and efforts for its maintenance is getting higher day by day but I have decided to keep this website free for artists. Only thing I need from you is your support and also spread the awareness about this website among other artists & people you know. I am always there with you, for any queries you may reach me anytime on 98800 27443.


People who are not a Mithila painting artists can still help by writing articles, referring artists to this website, updating with the news of related exhibitions and events, books, biography of artists and so on..


Good Luck & Warm Regards


98800 27443

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