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Indira Seshadri - Artists Profile - Madhubani Paintings

Monday, 19 April 2010 18:06 administrator
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Surrounded by the blue sky , lavish green fields and the blue oceans with rocky hills and snow white great peaks , she was inspired by nature to translate all colors and capture the beauty onto the canvas and give it life –vibrant with colors.

In her words “ Painting is a devotion – Once you entrust your mind to it, it is divinely and helps me capture a lot of my thoughts and bring in a free flow to my hands “

Thus started her interest , in arts and crafts , even when she was very young. Born and brought up in Pune, and living in a farm like house, nature was all around her – Cow dung splashed earthy color, farm house with cows and buffaloes, nature fresh milk and green vegetables grown in her garden, pollution free air and warm surroundings – in the shades of trees on hot sunny afternoons, – what she saw, she captured on paper.

Slowly and steadily she developed her artistic instinct to become what she has always yearned to be. Her interest also included , doll-making, tailoring & gardening. She still pursues all these with reverent passion . The most important aspect is she has been a wonderful home maker, a loving grand mother to her grand daughters and she has inspired her grand daughters that they try to imitate her posture and paintings.

Full fledged, she has developed her talent over the years and when she became aware of folk art and tribal art, her interest developed further and after visiting some art galleries and exhibitions , developed her knowledge on different folk arts with the help of books and websites .

To name a few, her interest developed in the lines of stately arts and tribal arts which depicted the life styles of tribes and folks. Madhubani , a beautiful mithila painting came into vogue from Orissa , The walls were painted on grand marriage occasions. Gond , a lively painting which was done by hatching, developed by tribal artist in Central India . Use of brilliant colors and hatching with various motifs depicts the life style of the Gond tribes. Warli, a maharashtrian art looks very simple but is a lot intricate with interweavings of different shapes and lines. One has to go through the painting, to appreciate the beauty, intricacy and divinity of the art.

She has conducted couple of exhibitions in Chennai and as part of her marketing plans, have sold some of her valuable paintings to a few in the foreign countries.

Last but not the least, most wonderful part is she is nearing her seventies and still as lively and as ever green as her paintings. She is undaunted by her age and still feels young at heart and pursues all her arts with great enthusiasm and strength.

Buy Mithila Paintings by Indira Seshadri   Buy Worli Paintings by Indira Seshadri

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